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My grandfather told me...

We Igbo, are composed of many tribes and have various dialects. He told me we migrated from Egypt, eventually coming to settle in the southeastern part of the region now known as Nigeria. Igbo is the name of a language, people, and culture. The New York times published an article in April 2011, by Nicholas Wade under the title: “Phonetic Clues Hint Language is Africa-Born”, highlighting research findings on the similarities between Egyptian and Igbo language presented during a Conference on Indigenous Knowledge and the Challenges of the 21st Century.

Amongst many similarities, some are:

Egyptian: Tuf - ‘to throw away’ in Igbo: Tufuo – ‘to throw away’

Egyptian: Akhu – ‘fire/light’ in Igbo: Oku – ‘fire/light’) Pronounced Oku

Egyptian: Aru - ‘Body/form’ in Igbo: Aru - ‘body/form’

Egyptian: Ra - ‘Sun/Diety’ in Igbo: Ora - ‘Sun/Diety’

Egyptian: Heru - ‘Face of the Sun’ in Igbo: Iru - ‘Face/of the Sun’

Egyptian: Ib/Ba - ‘Heart’ in Igbo: Obi - ‘Heart’

I wrote more about this in an article ion Igbo spirituality and traditional culture published in the Rising Firefly Magazine (Vol.72). What most people do not know is that, the original written form of Igbo was pictorial/symbolic, much like the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and many other Asiatic Languages.

The Universal Love Collection is inspired by the Igbo symbol for Universe in honor of the legacies our ancestors left behind.

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