GrandMa's Rose Bush

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Grandma’s Rose Bush

Headdress is sacred in some cultures. Worn during battle, it is still used for protection today, whether against elements or injury. Headdress is an expression of culture, identity, and often status.

My grandmother always had rose bushes in her garden. I played in them whenever she let me outside when I was a child. I never bothered about the thorns and I still love sitting in a bed of flowers.

Both of grandmothers would have been considered "Fashionista's" had such a term existed in their times. Known for their unique style, and head pieces they also sew clothes from scratch, ran businesses and the house. One of my grandmothers opened a clothing boutique in the early 1950's, but had to shut down after the store was vandalized several times. Inspired by their efforts I decided to add head pieces to my collections in honor of my grand mothers.

Everything we do comes from somewhere. I get it from my Mama and her Mamas, Mama, Mama's Mama...

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