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Grand's Echo

A Poem, A Collection

On my birthdate many years before I was born, my Grandmother in 1973 opened her 2nd dress shop in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

By the time I was born my grand mother had retired and since stopped sewing, but she told me tales about ironing clothes to make money while she put her self through school. Years after my grand mothers passed on, I fell into fashion design. Grands Echo is a 3 piece fashion collection and poem, inspired by and dedicated to my grandmothers.

Grand's Echo

 I ,

Drip drop

From the ocean of my mothers might.

Soaring from her hearts, I Free fall through time.

Beating my wings,I fly on memories unseen.

My heart beats...Light, ringing the bell.

For my mothers, mother's, mother soul

I am the frequency of joy,

In the twilight of her shadow.

The weight of nature, is beauty

Carried over on. Trickling down,

Structure sweet roots,

From our star tree.

I am a leaf, Flowering fruits on top.


~ Aka Justice Belle, 2022

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