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Beauty on the BLOC

Pop Up A Fashion Show

The “Black Beauty" fashion event, was a pop up fashion show highlighting the beauty, creativity and variety of styles in black culture. The event featured two presentations, the first with students modeling fashions representing their respective countries, and then, another runway with models featuring designs from AfroLuxTrap and Cristiansanna. The event presented an opportunity for models and designers to speak with the students on standing in your own power and value; especially in environments where there is minor/low representation. Particularly relevant at AWTY where African/African American population is less than 1% and likewise until recent times in creative fields such as Fashion.

The Black Beauty Fashion show was created to inspire and encourage cultural pride, through celebrating the cultures of the Diaspora. The designs presented were a mix of modern-traditional inspired looks, with African prints sourced directly from Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Benin. This event was co sponsored by TribeX Museum, TAUMETI Design Studio and B.L.O.C.

B.L.O.C (Black Leaders Orchestrating Change) is a student organization whose mission is to unify the black student body at AWTY International school. AWTY is the largest Pre-K to 12th grade International School in the United States with a student body of just over 1,700.

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