About the Designer

Creative Director,  Amenta B. 

I am an artist  who through fashion, digital arts and craft, create works that encapsulate my perspectives on beauty, spirituality, nature, and society. Drawing upon an array of materials and textures, I endeavor to produce artwork that visually captivates but also depicts essences of history, culture, and attitudes. I seek to inspire and celebrate the multifaceted nature of our individual and collective identities, while shedding light on the inherent beauty of the life and spirit that is often overshadowed or diminished.

I founded Taumeti Design House in 2021 as a beacon of art, culture, authenticity and responsibility. More than just a fashion design house, Taumeti is a visionary force that harmoniously fuses fashion, art, and beauty to empower the fearless, bold, and refined souls who seek to embrace their individuality. With a commitment to sustainability, culture, and personal style, our overarching vision is to craft a world where art, culture, fashion, and personal well-being converge in a harmonious celebration of the human spirit. Their mission is to provide individuals with a platform to express their unique personalities through fashion that embodies freedom, nature, personal style, and culture. This fashion house goes beyond the conventional, aiming to create a profound connection between the wearer and the garment. Every piece is a testament to the intersection of creativity, culture, and sustainability.