Why Us?

TAUMETI by AfroLuxTrap is a lifestyle design brand that fuses fashion, art, and beauty for the fearless, bold, and refined. We create functional but versatile statement pieces that can be transformed to suit your individual style. Each of our limited edition fashion and art collections, are an exploration in culture, vibrant color, and natural motifs.

Our intention is to offer not just a product, but an experience that embodies freedom, celebrates nature, personal style and culture.

We are sustainable, with a sophisticated edge at the core of our designs. Through conscious decisions and thoughtful production processes, we aim to create a positive impact on both the environment and the community. We take pride in crafting our goods in small batches, incorporate zero waste design in our process and create goods from recycled materials.

Together let's craft a world where art, culture, fashion and personal well-being converge in a harmonious celebration of the human spirit. We make it art, you make it beautiful.