Abstract Pathway

About the Designer

I love to play with texture, print and colors; communicating the attitudes, beauty and principles of my heritage.

As a child of two nations, my influences reflect both my heritages.  ~Amenta B.




Fashion & Textile Design

Creative Direction &  Styling

Art Exhibition & Installations

Branding Graphics & Digital Design

TAUMETI by Afroluxtrap is a lifestyle brand for the bold beauty on

a regal edge. Taumeti creates natural beauty products and clothing that accentuate sensual femininity. Established in 2021, our signature pieces are known to be both timeless and contemporary.

Taumeti is inspired by tribal culture with a distinct focus on motifs found in nature.Taking design cues from symbols, language, cultural practices. Art is both the process and motivation, reflecting beauty and regal style. Print and textures support this vision, bringing alive the elegance and delicate charm found in both masculine and feminine expressions.