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Style with Function

Everything we create is a versatile statement, pieces can be transformed for various purposes. We do the art, You make it beautiful.


Sustainable Living

We love nature & embrace technology, its a daily goal to maximize our valued resources while eliminating waste.



Quality is Culture

We create small batches of goods, with care and attention to detail.  Every item, is made with love and infused with style.

Let's Go

Our mission is to push past the expected by producing beautifully distinct, but functional pieces. We create with multiple purposes in mind, our products are crafted to encourage green living, empower the individual and inspire positive self awareness in communities of the African Diaspora and beyond.

Designed to fill the needs of the African diaspora community, our vision is to promote cultural visibility, and present powerful and positive images of femininity in the Africa Diaspora.

We create limited, and focused collections that are adaptable to multiple sizes, ages, genders, and purposes. We embrace technology, in efforts to carefully utilize and maximize our resources. We do everything with care, for the good of all. This is our culture. Sustainability is built into the core of our business, we eliminate excess and waste in production, striving to help reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry.


We Are Culture

Afro.Lux.Trap is a luxury urban lifestyle design brand that defines and celebrates culture through beauty and funk fully crafted designs. We create afro inspired culture designs in home, clothing & accessories and natural beauty products.

Our limited edition collections are Inspired by language, music and spirituality, our designs are an experiment of colors, shapes and natural motifs. Our collections reflect an elegance sensuality that fuses traditional and modern culture.

About the Creative Director

[She/her] Amenta B.  Is a multi-faceted artist and passionate advocate of the arts. Her creative expressions embody striking beauty and balance a sensuous mix of color, print and texture. Her silhouettes are chic experiments in shape and fluidity. Through the arts, she conveys perspectives of culture, beauty and style.

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