Urban Luxury Made beautifully with care.  Our Designs take cues from natural motifs, symbols, language, and culture. Our signature  sporty lux clothing are versatile staples, that can be up or down styled, to fit how ever you want to feel in the moment. 

We are lo key obsessed with nature, so we created our  Beauty Apothecary, a sumptuous collection of hand crafted 100% natural perfumes, body creams and oils.

Sustainable As a Business Practice

We create with multiple sizes, ages, gender and purposes in mind.

Excess and waste is eliminated by use of zero waste designs, limited editions, and the repurpose and reuse of items. Incorporating natural and bio friendly materials/products wherever possible. We are future thinkers who embrace technology in Fashion, actively streamlining and reducing our environmental footprint.

We acknowledge, embrace and celebrate all that makes each being unique. We are humans first and a business second. Our house is a community of quality creatives pushing past the expected.


About the Creative Director:

Amenta B. expresses her imagination through a mixed bag of artistry. Her aesthetic expresses grace, embodies culture and celebrates sensual femininity. She uses texture, print and color to communicate perspectives of beauty, culture and luxury. A child of two nations, her influences reflect multiple heritages and places.


Clothing & Textile Design

Creative Direction &  Styling

Art Exhibition & Installations